Adventures from St. George’s Caye

Belize is one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets, and adventure travelers flock here to explore the diverse environment from the reef to the ruins to the rainforest. At St. George’s Caye Resort, you can discover Belize with private adventures led by some of the country’s most knowledgeable guides. The resort’s central location makes Belize’s most popular inland adventures easily accessible in either half or full-day trips.

Howler Monkey Nature Walk

Get in touch with your wild side during a day-long trip to the Community Baboon Sanctuary located in the rainforest 30 miles northwest of Belize City. The goal of the sanctuary is to protect the monkeys’ natural habitat, promote economic development in participating communities and offer visitors the chance to witness the species in the wild. A guided trail walk allows you to get up close and personal to the elusive Black Howler Monkey, the largest monkey in the Americas. Lunch is included.

Altun Ha Maya Ruins

Visit the most extensively excavated Maya site in Belize during an all-day tour of Altun Ha. Made up of two central plazas surrounded by towering temples, Altun Ha is one of Belize’s natural treasures. The site was constructed during the Maya Classic era, 200 to 900 A.D., and is thought to have been home to approximately 10,000 people. Just some of the ancient relics unearthed at a mysterious tomb within the site include the jade head of the Maya Sun God, Kinich Ahau, along with jewelry, flints and skins. Lunch is included.

Lamanai Maya Ruins

Explore one of Belize's largest ceremonial centers featuring monumental architecture with temples and palaces dating back to the Classic and Pre-classic periods. Lunch is included.

Belize Zoo

Built on 29 acres of tropical savanna and home to more than 125 animals, the Belize Zoo is a best way to get an introduction to the animals of Belize and understand why protecting their habitat is so important. Jaguar, tapir, scarlet macaw and jabiru stork can all be viewed in their natural environment.***

Cave Tubing

Spend a half day exploring Belize’s intricate system of caves while floating on an inner tube with only a headlamp to guide the way. The underground caves sparkle with mica-studded stalactites and stalagmites and are filled with artifacts dating back thousands of years. Lunch is included.***

Jungle Zip Line

Channel your inner Tarzan with a zip line adventure through the dense tropical rainforest. Secured by a harness with your feet dangling free, you’ll traverse platforms built 75 feet in the air as you zoom past a stunning display of tropical flora and fauna.***

***Ask about how you can combine these adventures in a day-long trip.