Diving at St. George's Caye, Belize

Located just minutes from the Belize Barrier Reef, a true natural treasure, St. George’s Caye Resort offers some of the best scuba diving in Belize. Adventure travelers have the chance to discover Belize on one of the largest and most diverse ecosystems in the world. The coral reef system, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stretches nearly 185 miles long and is home to more than 500 species of fish as well as sea turtles, dolphins and numerous invertebrates.

St. George’s Caye Resort is located just minutes from the reef allowing you to be in the water within a few short hours of arriving in the country. The resort’s experienced, on-site dive staff is always available to plan your diving itinerary step-by-step, along with any refresher courses or certifications you are interested in taking part in during your stay. You will enjoy a diving experience like none other thanks to St. George’s Caye Resort’s signature “Valet Diving” program which promises the utmost in personalization.

Valet diving

At St. George’s Caye Resort, diving is a way of life. The knowledgeable, on-site dive team is committed to ensure that guests have the most fulfilling and carefree experience possible scuba diving in Belize. With the resort’s signature “Valet Diving” program, the dive team does the work and you have all the fun!

All of your equipment will be checked, assembled and loaded on to the boat for you. Even your mask will be cleaned in advance. Once back onshore, the crew will wash and disassemble all your equipment so that it is organized and ready to go for your next dive.

There’s no need to worry about cattle boat diving at St. George’s Caye Resort. Each boat is limited to no more than 14 divers, and the resort’s secluded location means that nearby dive sites are free of crowds from other resorts. The small group size equals personal attention and a comfortable and safe atmosphere for every diver.  

If you are a novice or just want to brush up on your skills, the dive team will conduct a full review in shallow ocean water beforehand to make sure you are comfortable and confident before descending. If you want to get certified, a variety of courses can also be completed at the resort.