Try Scuba / Training

Open Water SCUBA Certification

Open Water certification is the most popular training program and prepares you to dive any place in the world.  Completion of the course takes about 4 days including classroom learning, confined water training and open water diving with our instructor.  We provide everything you need including use of our SCUBA gear.  Contact us to get the SSI Student Kit and complete the reading and written reviews prior to your trip so that you can maximize your time in the water while on vacation.

Try SCUBA Diving

Try SCUBA enables you to experience breathing under water using scuba equipment under the direct supervision of our instructor in a safe and controlled environment.  Included is a brief gear orientation followed by instruction in the pool.

Resort Course

This course provides you with basic instruction in the pool followed by one open water dive in the ocean with an instructor to a maximum depth of 30 feet.  Additional dives to the same depth are available at $80 each.  If you find that you really love diving and elect to continue with your training, this experience may be used toward your Open Water certification.

Passport Diving

$150 plus $60 each for two required dives
This course provides you with basic training and enough safety information to allow you to dive with an instructor during your vacation.  The course consists of a brief lecture and two open water dives under the constant supervision of an instructor.  After you complete this training, you may make additional dives with our instructor at $80 each.

Open Water certification based on Referral

If you have completed your classroom and confined water training with an instructor and you bring your universal referral form, we will complete your Open Water certification with the required dives.  We include use of our SCUBA gear as needed.