Cleaning and Safety Protocols

Designed to protect the wellbeing of our guests and staff, our new revised policies implement cleaning and safety enhancements in the wake of COVID-19.

Arrival / Departure Procedures for Guests

  • Airport transfers: There can only be two guests per row in our vans, with a space between each guest.

  • Boat transfers: Before boarding the St. George’s Caye Resort boats, we will require temperature checks for guests and employees. There will be a limit of 8 guests for our smaller boats and a maximum of16 guests per our largest boat and guests will be required to practice social distancing.

  • Luggage handlers: Our staff will be required to sanitize luggage handles when transferring luggage to/from the vans, boats, and guest accommodations. Staff will be required to wear gloves.

  • Check in: Upon check-in, guests will be taken to their individual accommodations. Staff will re-confirm the paperwork submitted, process any credit card charges and signature for check in agreement.

  • Check out: We have installed a plastic screen at the service deck in reception area inside the main lodge to protect our staff and guests. A maximum of four guests will be permitted in reception are at one time practicing social distancing.

Procedures for Public Areas

  • Social distancing: We will encourage guests to follow social distancing procedures in public areas with loungers and hammocks placed more than 6 feet apart in the beach and pool areas.

  • Cleaning frequency: We will increase the cleaning and disinfecting procedures including employee areas. Kayaks, paddle boards, Hobie Cats, and the corresponding equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before and after each use.

  • Disinfecting: Hand sanitizing stations will be available all around the island.

  • Resort Spa: The spa will be thoroughly sanitized between appointments and the time between appointments will be increased to allow for this. Our spa therapists will use face masks the duration of each treatment. Facials/ face massages will be suspended until further notice.

  • Rental equipment: Strict and more frequent sanitation procedures will be implemented for all diving, snorkeling, and fishing equipment before and after each trip.

  • Excursions: We will implement social distancing guidelines and personal protective equipment on daily excursions whenever possible.

Dining Procedures

  • Table arrangements: To help promote social distancing, we will be rearranging the dining room tables, adding more individual tables to accommodate parties of two and four. Seating arrangements and table designation for dine in guests will be managed by resort Manager on Duty.

  • Meal preparations: Each meal will be individually plated to adhere to the food safety guidelines implemented. Guests can also request meals be served in-room.

  • Dining room amenities: All snacks will be individually packaged. Disinfectant wipes will be available next to the water, tea, coffee or juice for guest use before and after their servings.

  • In-room amenities: All in-room offerings will be individually packaged (snacks, water, soft drinks, etc.). The items in the morning tray service (coffee and tea carafes, milk carafes, coffee cups, etc.) will also be thoroughly disinfected.

  • Food safety and hygiene: Enhanced safety and hygiene protocols will be implemented in the dining room, bar areas, and the kitchen. Additionally, all kitchen utensils, table settings, and service ware will be extra cleaned and sanitized after every use.
    Servers and Kitchen staff will wear face masks at all times.

Housekeeping Procedures

  • Room hygiene: Each accommodation is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every stay. While guests are on island, we will tailor our housekeeping procedures based on each guest’s preference and will offer full service, limited service, or a daily linen delivery.

  • Linens and towels: Linens, robes, and towels are changed after every stay. These items are washed at the highest temperatures, sanitized, and completely dried before reuse.

  • Room amenities: Pens, paper, magazines, booklets, and related amenities have been removed from all accommodations, and are available upon request. Other in-room amenities, including glasses, hair dryer, and hangers are thoroughly swapped and disinfected after every stay.

Emergency Procedures

  • Guest health: Guests who feel unwell or have symptoms related to COVID-19 must immediately inform our staff who will then provide guidance and assistance. We will then immediately quarantine the guests in a designated private cabana, contact MOH (Ministry of Health) and with MOH guidance evacuate the guests in a private boat and take them to the designated COVID-19 hospital in Belize City to be tested and treated properly.

Staff Procedures

  • Employee health: Any employee who does not feel well or exhibits signs of sickness will be immediately quarantine the staff member in a designated staff house, contact MOH (Ministry of Health) and with MOH guidance evacuate the staff member by private boat from the island, where they will be required to self-quarantine at home and will not be scheduled to work for at least 14 days.

  • Employee transportation: Temperature checks for employees will be required before boarding our St. George’s Caye Resort boats. Our staff will take separate boats to the island to ensure there is a proper amount of social distance on the boats carrying our guests.

  • Employee hygiene: Staff will be required to wear face masks.

Airport Protocol at the Belize International Airport (BZE)

Please note there are developments in Belize where travel and covid-19 is concerned. For those interested in either traveling back to Belize or visiting for the first time there are many new Covid-19/SarsCov-2 guidelines and protocols to prepare for. Below we’ve outlined a few of those protocols and procedures you should be aware of BUT, keep in mind these protocols and procedures could change at any time. This is a very fluid and ever changing pandemic that will require patience and constant engagement in information that’s available.

Keep in mind Mask Wearing is law in public areas in Belize but not while eating, drinking, smoking, swimming, lounging by the pool, beach or during exercising. Always respect social distancing, avoid crowds or hand shaking, and keep hands sanitized whenever you’ve been mobile and touching surfaces.

Tourism Airport Protocols

To visit Belize during this phased 1 opening (Oct. 1st onward)
  • 1. Download Belize Health App and complete required information
  • 2. PCR Test at travelers expense is available at US $50 pp. This mandatory test can be done at PGIA International airport when you arrive. You will be told by airport and government officials where to go when you land. If you can get a test prior to arrival (within 72 hours) that will work and the results will need to be loaded in the App. And bring the PCR negative test certification which will speed up the entry process.
    a. Transportation must be done through St. Georges Caye Resort, your Gold Standard resort!
  • 3. If a positive test result occurs from the airport test you will be required by the Gov. of Belize to quarantine in your room at your expense for 14 days or after the Ministry of Health has a negative test from you.
  • 4. After the health checks, immigration and customs you will be released and met by our St. Georges Caye Resort driver.