St. Georges Caye Resort Belize - Diving, Fishing, Spa Resort

Michelle & Johnny

Underwater fun in BelizeThe Oregonian travel article and photo contest on St. George’s Caye Resort (20 minutes offshore from Belize, Central America), led us to travel to that destination recently. After spending an incredible 10 days there, all we can say is, Wow, what a vacation!!

Customer service on a scale of 1-10 is a 15. Every employee treats you like royalty. By the end of our visit, we felt like family.

The Caye is gorgeous palm trees, white sands, beautiful orchids, aqua blue Caribbean Sea, and total peace, tranquility and relaxation… Also on the Caye are some charming residents. One family has created an impressive aquarium of local sea life, and a charming documentary on their sea creatures. A few private vacation homes are to be seen on the island, too.

The staff are very dedicated to excellent customer service.. The Mahogany and Santa Anna wood lodge has seven rental rooms, a cozy bar, and a large family style eating area. Available to rent on the waterfront are six large, roomy, and comfortable cabanas. They are very private and have palm leaf roofs and a lot of beautiful hardwood inside. Both lodge rooms and cabanas have complete bathrooms with lots of very soft drinkable water.

Lodging package includes three complete meals a day. Breakfast usually is eggs and bacon, ham, or sausage, French toast or "to die for" Elephant Ear like deep fried bread. Breakfast also includes fresh fruit juice and fresh fruit (plantation bananas, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, watermelon, papaya, mango, and pineapple). Caribbean lunches there are commonly the traditional meal of chicken, rice and beans, vegetables, fresh fruit, and sometimes a plate of cookies. Dinners include homemade soup and homemade bread, a variety of meats, vegetables and squash, and always a delicious dessert. A bonus was a great waitress named Betty.

Unbelievable SCUBA diving on the second longest reef in the world is only 20 minutes away. A dive master or dive instructor always accompanies divers on dives. We were extremely lucky to get Jose Flores as our dive master. We had gotten our PADI and NAUI dive cards many, many years ago and didn't know the new equipment. Jose gave us a checkout dive on a beautiful sandbar near the reef. He demonstrated and got us comfortable with the BC, regulator, and proper clearing of mask techniques. He had the patience and skills to guide us to become good divers again. Following that, we were off for seven dives in 10 days with Jose.

We saw beautiful colored angelfish, parrot fish, schools of snapper and many others. One day on the reef about 35' deep, we had a large turtle swim right by us, go up for air, then return to swim by us again. Our last dive, we watched a smaller turtle ripping breakfast out from under a piece of coral with beautiful angelfish helping him out. We saw lobster, remora (always looking to hitch a ride), conch shells, crabs, and sea anemones. The only elusive mammal was the Dolphin. Maybe next time we'll see him.

St. George's Caye Resort also arranged trips for us, at reasonable prices, to the Mayan Ruins and the Mayan Underworld Cave tubes. The Mayan Ruins trip included one and one-half hour boat ride up the river, where we saw lots of beautiful birds and miniature bats. The Ruins were amazing. We had a personal guide, taking us to all the excavated temples. Archeologists have only excavated 2% of all the ruins. The ones we saw were marvelous.

The Caves included a hike through the rainforest with a guide and a 45-minute float through the caves on a large inner tube. The caves had some intriguing sites and rock formations to see and, yes, some bats.

We can honestly say this was the best vacation we've ever had. The beauty and complete tranquility of St. George's Caye Resort was amazing. The resort and cabanas were wonderful and the owners and staff at the resort were incredible. They totally took care of us (even did our laundry). The diving was beyond our expectations. What a beautiful fulfilling adventure!

Michelle and Johnny Oleson Gleneden Beach, Oregon

Maureen Love

Sitting on the dock at private St. George's Caye ResortMy trip to St George's Caye Resort was one of the greatest adventures of my life. Before the trip, I looked forward to being on this charming island and photographing everything from beached boats, seagulls surrounding the docks, coconut trees and exotic plants, enjoy kayaking and sailing, but, never did I imagine myself diving into the unknown depths with a heavy tank on my back, knowing zero about diving equipment and safety measures. So, to my great surprise, and the astonishment of my hosts, and with the encouragement of the expert divers, I braved the waters (on a sandbar, first, where I felt safe) and broke through a barrier of fear that had held me back for too long. The third day of diving we descended to 45 feet and we saw images of beauty that I had thought I would only
see in photographs! Who knows, perhaps I will become an under-water photographer, after all!

Maureen Love - harpist, photographer, mother, grand-mother, friend and fearless faux

Sigrid & Family

All smiles at St. George's CAye BelizeA Thank You letter to the Wonderful Staff of St. George's Caye Resort.

We all were warmed by your smiles and Kindness, the way you effortlessly cared for us.

Barely did wish for a thing and you had already taken care of it.

It was wonderful to be in a place with happy, kindly people - to all of you our Thanks - you make this place beautiful and hospitable. And when we are back in our gray cities we will think of you with great fondness. All of you, from the kitchen to the laundry, the boats captains and the Resort staff deserve gratitude.

Love Sigrid, and all my family

Don & Sandi

Diving in Belize is GREAT!We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at St. George's Caye Resort in Belize. As you may know, we have traveled to many wonderful destinations through your travel program as long term customers. We were very pleased with our experience this past week. The Resort staff went out of their way to ensure that we had a memorable experience. The accommodations were excellent!

We are experienced divers, having logged over 450 dives each. The dive operation was truly above and beyond the typical dive resort. They handled our gear completely from arrival to departure. Every day, all of our gear was on the boat, meticulously maintained and ready to go. The diving was fantastic!

There were no signs of reef deterioration as one often encounters in the Keys, or in the Caymans. The varieties of fish and undersea creatures were very diverse. The first day of diving everyone else was going off to the Blue Hole. As we had just arrived the previous day, we weren't ready to start our vacation with a full day, three-tank dive. So the resort took just the two of us out diving with our own boat and dive master! There were several times when all the other guests were off doing other adventure trips instead of diving, but the resort was always exceedingly gracious in accommodating just the two of us. The last night we were there, two guests wanted to do a night dive. The resort sent out a boat, dive master, and crew for the dive.

We found the food to be delicious. The menu was varied and healthy. There was fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee sitting outside the room every morning. There was always fresh fruit on the table. Entrees ranged from stir fried beef to spicy lobster tails. Food is served family style and we enjoyed socializing with the other guests. On our last night, we did avail ourselves of a romantic dinner on the porch of the villa, accompanied by our complimentary bottle of excellent champagne.

Our package included an adventure trip of our choice, but we enjoyed the lodge and the island so much, that we decided not to take the trip, preferring to just stay put. The other guests did take many of the trips and said they had a wonderful time. Travelers wishing to experience a gloriously beautiful waterfront location with pampered diving, satisfying food, and good company, then St. Georges Caye Resort fills the bill!

Don and Sandi Buswell-Charkow



We encourage you to visit TripAdvisor and read reviews on the St. George’s Caye Experience. We have received their Certificate of Excellence 7 years in a row, 2011-2017. Here we share excerpts from our favorite reviews (we’re biased, of course!) and a few Thank-You Letters from past guests.

hdr sunset “Perfection.” – Daisy from Pennsylvania
If you are looking for peace and perfection this is the place.

“Best. Honeymoon. Ever.” – Krysta from Colorado
We came to St. George's Caye for the first week of our Honeymoon in September 2014. We loved EVERY minute of it. Honestly, I don't think we could have done better!

“LOVED IT!” – Mandy from New York
The staff was amazing…They really work hard to make sure you have the best possible experience.
There are no TVs (which I think is a good thing), but there is wireless in the main lodge so if you need to stay connected you can...but this is a great place to leave everything behind and enjoy the island life.

“Best of Belize” – James from Washington
As a dive professional with 30 years of diving experience, I would recommend St George's Caye resort over any other resort in Belize, or anywhere else on the Caribbean Central America Coast.

New fIshSt George's was the first of two professional dive resorts in Belize, and they chose the best Belize had to offer in picking this site. The resort has a long history of providing quality dive experiences to the discriminating diver. It is 20 minutes from Belize City, so easy to get to the resort, and back to the attractions offered on the mainland. There are over 300 dive sites close by, and it is easy to get over the reef and to the best sites.
My experience at St Georges Caye was custom tailored to my experience level, and epic. Jose has been diving at the resort for 20 years, and learned from a legend in the diving world. The diving there knocked my socks off. It was impossible to edit down all the terrific underwater video we shot.

“Cap’n Ron’s Island of Awesome” – Bill from Colorado
…from the second our flight touched down in Belize City, we were treated like royalty. In less than an hour we were in paradise!
From the moment of our arrival until we (were) back on the airplane home, the staff at the resort attended to every little want we had. Outstanding! From the resort you can take on as much or as little adventure as you want. My wife and I sailed and went scuba diving but also spent some time at the pool hammock surfing. The cabanas were clean and VERY comfortable. I cannot say enough great things about the resort. Hope I can return someday soon!
 “Best Birthday Ever” – Jim from Texas
For my birthday my wife surprised me with a week of diving at St. George's Caye Resort. We were met at the dock with drinks where we handed our gear to Dive Master Freddy and from then on it was ready and on the boat for every dive.

The morning coffee delivered to our ocean view cabana was a luxury. No hurry and no pressure put us on island time quickly. Barry and the staff made us feel right at home from day one and the happy hour and meals with other guests was the perfect amount of socializing. The chef even surprised me with a birthday cake which we all enjoyed immensely.

The diving was the highlight of the trip. With small dive groups, usually 2 or 3 divers and the guide, we visited numerous sites and always saw something different. The magical moment that will always be in my memory was the day we met the dolphins.