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The Island Life - Belize

At St. George's Caye Resort, we are devout lovers of the island and the magic of this slice of paradise. With diving, adventure, relaxation, and romance of the island, who wouldn't want to make this secluded island paradise their home away from home? Follow our blog and live the island life through pictures painted with words and delicious imagery of country and seaside. 

Unbelizeable Relaxation - St. George's Caye Resort

Have you ever noticed that after some vacations... Do you need another vacation just to decompress? We heard recently from a perspective guest who was shocked at our difference or the unique quality of St. George's Caye Resort. She said, "I travel all the time and I have not really found a place where our goal could be to do nothing. That sounds so...

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Top 5 Ways to Choose Where to Travel

When you embark on an international trip, it is a thrilling event. You will evaluate where, when, and how and may even be on the fence about your plans. Just for you, we have come up with five ways to debate your destination. Gauge your time to travel: If you have 4 nights, it may be wise to plan a trip with a short flight. You will ...

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5 Reasons to Visit Belize Next Spring

While most people in the Northern Hemisphere are eagerly awaiting warmer temps, Belize is enjoying endless summer. Spring is the perfect time to pack your bags for a trip to paradise! Read on for five reasons why a spring vacation to Belize is a perfect choice. The weather is beautiful! With daytime temperatures in the high 70's and low 80's, "Spri...

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Let Us Do the Work - Holidays in Belize 2023

Okay, it is maybe slightly early in the year to be writing about the holiday season, but it is great to be prepared for the best celebration possible, and we are here to make every moment memorable! So, here's to planning! Many of our guests are looking to escape the cramped dining room, and hustle and bustle of the holidays, and yes, we do dishes....

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Top 4 Reasons To Plan Your Fall Travel To St. George's Caye

If you are like most, you are in disbelief at how fast your summer is flying by! Pretty soon, department stores will display back-to- school racks and coffee shops with be filled with the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes. While it doesn't seem like planning a fall vacation should even be within the wheelhouse at this time, it is a great...

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Overwater vs. Oceanfront Thatched Roof Cabana

We asked our previous guests to give a shout out for their favorite place to stay. The Oceanfront Sunrise Cabana or Overwater Sunset Cabana and they were so helpful in responding!! Check out four of the most perfect answers below. We hope to host you in your dream bungalow someday! 💙 We stayed in two over-the-water bungalows…. It was awesome f...

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Plan Ahead for Paradise - 2023

Late summer through autumn and into December are great times to visit Belize. September offers a unique opportunity to experience some of Belize's favorite celebrations. In September, a beautiful display of culture abounds with two carnivals.  Belize honors a significant historical event on September 10. They celebrate St. George's Caye Day on...

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Celebrate Independence in Belize

With our neighbors to the North celebrating their Independence Day, we thought it would be a good time to highlight why celebrations belong in Belize. We do everything for you! When you are planning an event, details are so important! We cater to your every need, from ambiance to staging of your event, to even the most strict of dietary needs....

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Top 6 Belize Activities for Adventure Seekers

When you think of Central America, you may think of lazy white beaches, crystal blue waters, and drinks with tiny umbrellas. You got that all right, but what lay in store for the adventurer is far greater. Here are the top six ways to "Adventure" with St. George's Caye Resort in Belize Cave Tubing & Jungle Zip Lining An adventurous combination ...

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​Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Belize This Summer or Fall - St. George's Caye

We've always felt so blessed to share this ideal location and proximity to travelers. We are fortunate to enjoy this incredible ecosystem and views to take your breath away. Here are a few more reasons to come away to the island this summer, fall or beyond! Please let us know if you have questions about travel at this time, and let u...

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Top 3 Ways to Start Your Week - In Belize

Yep, it's Monday again. Like clockwork, that feeling of "Got to get it all done!" rushes in. Imagine if your Monday could look like the picture above in just a few weeks. We will bring you fresh coffee or tea and juice right to your cabana door. You take your time enjoying the sunrise, sea breezes, and maybe even a morning meditation, just long eno...

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Lionfish Hunting in Belize

Imagine dipping into the Caribbean Sea and exploring the Barrier Reef just off the coast of Belize. You'll encounter many beautiful and colorful fish, coral, and sea turtles, and you may even swim alongside a manatee or dolphin.  This is an incredible season in Belize! Returning and new guests are making their reservations for diving and fishi...

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The Taste of Summer - Belize Island Style

Belize tantalizes all of your senses, from sights and sounds to taste. The blend of culture, Caribbean, and cuisine is colorful, crafted, and just plain crave-able! While you plan your trip to St. George's Caye Resort, sink into this blog and visualize yourself on the island!   Good morning! The temperature is about 76 degrees Fahren...

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Top Tips and Airlines to Get To Belize

Life has a way of getting away from us! The dreams of travel that you may have once had, may have taken a back seat to work, kids, and just being "busy". We totally understand and share that this is one of the top reasons that people choose Belize. Belize and St. George's Caye Resort is one of the closest Caribbean Island options to the US, Canada,...

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Top 5 Planning Tips for your Trip to Paradise

When you're preparing for a trip to a private island paradise, nothing is more exciting than dreaming about your excursions, preparing for ultimate relaxation, and looking forward to all of the ways you will experience new things and make memories to last a lifetime! Part of this planning process should also include the perfect packing for your dep...

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Caribbean Island Romance – Belize Island Paradise

The team at St. George's Caye Resort has always strived to be a "Daymaker". We look forward to our guests' arrival, and from the time they get to the island, we work to make their stay the most memorable, with anticipation of things they may not even know they need. One guest writes in a five-star review, "We took kayaks out every da...

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Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit on your Belize Vacation

We have been keeping up with ways to enhance your stay at St. George's Caye and not lose track of your fitness. While Belize is perfect for total relaxation, that is a key part of balancing your wellness routine. Mornings are perfect for mindful movement on the swimming dock while the sun comes up. And sunsets on the pool deck are the per...

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Go Big in 2023 - Belize Island Adventures

Belize has world-class game fishing and is one of the world's best-kept secrets. Unlike other tropical destinations, the reefs and rivers of Belize have not been over-fished and still serve as a pristine opportunity to wrestle with some of the largest game fish in the world. Located in Northern Central America, this English-speaking country is home...

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St. George's Caye - Get to Know Your Getaway

You asked we answered! We asked our followers what you wanted to know more about in planning a trip to the island, and we want to answer your most pressing questions, so you can plan ahead for the perfect paradise getaway!  💙 Relaxation and pampering options – We pride ourselves on being attentive to your requests while also anticipating ...

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Be Good to Yourself in 2023

Most people know that the top New Year's resolutions made are for better health and a balance of responsibilities with time to enjoy the joys of life.  When thinking of health in the New Year, many will run out and join the gym or pick up the latest pilates video series to refine their physique and create a mindful spirit. What are other ...

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Pure Bliss at St. George's Caye Resort – Belize

When you are looking for the perfect getaway, it is helpful to have reviews from previous guests while also including some tips direct from your destination. This assortment of FAQs is meant to help you understand the true St. George's Caye Resort Experience Feel free to message us with more questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ...

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Top Five Reasons to Belize in 2023

Belize is one of the most pristine destinations in the Caribbean. The seclusion of even remote jungle resorts or secluded caye resorts like St. George's Caye Resort offers an immersion like no other.  Belize is the premier location for a truly authentic experience. Check out these top five reasons that Belize is perfect for your...

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Get your Girls and Go!

St. George's Caye Resort has always been the ideal destination for small groups, or groups of 25+ with the ability to buy out the entire resort! Plan your small girls' trip with your very own Stately Seaside Villa. Your group of 3-6 (we can make arrangements for more so don't hesitate to ask) can comfortably rent the entire Villa. If you want to st...

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Wedding - Honeymoon - Both are Best in Belize!

Tis' the season for engagements. During the month of December, your Instagram feed might as well be the engagement announcement section of the newspaper. But it's not just your feed: The torrent of holiday-time proposals is a real phenomenon. According to The Wedding Report's Complete Wedding Market Report for the United States, 15.5 percent of all...

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Top 7 Reasons to Love Diving in Belize

The Caribbean sea is one of the most popular destinations in the world for SCUBA, free-diving, and snorkeling. With that, Belize is gaining fast traction as one of these must-do dive destinations. Belize boasts the UNESCO-attested World Heritage Site title as the second-largest reef system in the world and is host to some of the most vibrant and di...

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Hang Your Sunhat this Holiday

While you are scraping snow from your windshield or trudging through slush this winter, you can set your sights on warmer days, Belize's temperature rarely goes below 60 degrees Fahrenheit in December, making it the perfect weather for relaxing. While Belize has "seasons" the region is known for endless summers, and the showers season ends in Novem...

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Indulge in the Flavors of Belize

Guests at St. George's enjoy a farm-to-table experience with everything from traditional Belizean, Caribbean, and Latin cuisine to European and American favorites. The meal plan includes made-to-order breakfast each morning and expertly selected set menus for lunch and dinner daily.  Local Produce Most of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat...

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Top 10 - Travelers Best of Belize

We are reminiscing on our wonderful guests from last year, and hoping for their speedy return. As much of the Northern Hemisphere feels the seasons change, we offer an endless summer... endless epic sunrises, sunsets, and service unparalleled by others! We look forward to seeing you in the sun! Check out these top 10 reasons to come to the island t...

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Top 5 Ways to Your Best Belize

National Geographic and Lonely Planet have Belize on their top "must-visit" lists for 2022, and the world-renowned National Geographic adds to the fanfare, listing Belize as one of the 25 Amazing Journeys for 2022. Travel+Leisure Magazine is encouraging couples to think beyond Hawaii or Bermuda for their tropical honeymoon, and of course,...

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Fishing At Its Finest

Belize has world-class game fishing and is one of the world's best-kept secrets. Unlike other tropical destinations, the reefs and rivers of Belize have not been over-fished and still serve as a pristine opportunity to wrestle with some of the largest game fish in the world. Located in Northern Central America, this English-speaking count...

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Family Fun in the Sun - Your Perfect Week at St. George's Caye

As a tradition in the fall, we offer the unique opportunity for families with children of all ages to come to the resort. Beginning with our first Family Fun in the Sun Week - It was a bit of a test pilot in deciding if we were going to offer this annually. And... the week was a wild success!   The resort has alwa...

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Top 10 Things to Do in Belize in 2022

Belize is quickly becoming a favorite vacation destination for many tourists, and for good reason! From snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef to exploring ancient historical sites and even a little bit of island-approved hammock time, Belize has something for everyone! Whether you're a history lover, wildlife enthusiast, adventurer, or simply wan...

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This is Your Time!

One of the most beautiful reasons guests come to the resort is to restore, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves. We host all types of groups; from weddings to teambuilding groups and even retreats focused on self-awareness, personal development, and even healing. This very special group of ladies with Horizons Retreats are visiting us this wee...

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Fishing in Belize- Your UnBelizeable Fish Story!

Belize has some of the best game fishing in the world. As part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef – the largest in the Western Hemisphere – the Belize Barrier Reef offers unmatched fishing opportunities. Some anglers tell us it is virtually impossible to go fishing in Belize and not catch something! No guarantees of course but those are pretty good o...

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Together Again - Make the Time

Have you been dreaming with your besties about a girl's getaway or chatting with buddies about your next "mancation"? (Yes, that is really a word.) We have the perfect place for you! Would a tropical seaside wedding be just the way to free your spirit and give you an "outside of the event center box" way to cherish even more beautiful memories? We ...

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Top 5 Ways to Paradise With Your +1

Travel+Leisure Magazine is encouraging couples to think beyond Hawaii or Bermuda for their tropical honeymoon, and of course, we couldn't agree more. Top travel experts agree, no place surpasses Belize in 2022. National Geographic and Lonely Planet just put Belize on their top "must-visit" lists for 2022. Just last month, the esteemed travel public...

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Fresh Perspective From Paradise - Refreshed

A couple of years ago we wrote of reframing your mind by moving away from the "daily grind", or even just the routine of daily life, to gain a more global perspective. We had no idea how necessary this would be these days... We feel this is an appropriate time to republish this and hope you have the chance to come away so that we can offe...

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Your Beautiful Escape to Belize

St. George's Caye is a destination unrivaled by most similar resorts. We offer an authentic "rustic elegance" world-class experience delivered by our incredible staff while offering the chance to do as much or as little as you wish! Secluded on this little island about seven miles from the coast of Belize, our guests are like family and i...

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Top 5 Reasons for Belize With your +1

When we think about travel, we can't help but feel a more worldly feeling about how we will come away from the experience. Even if it is just a local staycation, travel offers so much to remove us from "reality" and place us in a mindset of relaxation, adventure-seeking, and reflection. Here are the top five reasons to come away to Belize with your...

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Getting Away from it All - Island Vibes in Belize

Getting away to your getaway shouldn't be a complicated process. So, to help we are putting together a list of airlines that service flights to Belize. Between this resource list and our friendly reservation team, your trip to St. George's Caye is going to be as carefree as it can be! We can't wait to see you in the sun! Direct Flights from Ca...

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Belize Celebrates - St. George's Caye Day & September Celebrations

When is St. George's Caye Day? St. George's Caye Day is a public holiday in Belize, observed on September 10th. This is Belize's National Day and commemorates a victory in a key battle against the Spanish in 1798. History of St. George's Caye Day - From the sixteenth century, the Spanish had been making attempts to control the region...

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Say Yes to Self Care - Island Style

Summer is winding down for many countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Kids are heading back to school, and the smell of fall is in the air. In the last two years, it has become even more important to balance physical and mental wellbeing. The season's change is a perfect time to start new routines, plan ahead, and get back to your self-pampering ro...

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Witness the Gentle Giant - Manatee

On the island, we have been blessed with many things. We revel in the opportunity to serve incredible people, the ability to create experiences within the world around us, and also to live in this pristine, secluded, natural environment. While out snorkeling with guests this week, we enjoyed one of these natural wonders. We were able to c...

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Top 10 Reasons to Travel To Belize this Fall

As if anyone really needs a reason to travel to sunny Belize... But if you are on the edge of choosing our quaint and sunny little country, these TOP TENS may just help to break the tie! As much of the Northern Hemisphere is falling into Autumn, we offer an endless summer... endless epic sunrises, and sunsets, and service unpara...

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Resolve to Retreat - Belize

Are you ready for a nourishing and magical WHOLE SELF WELLNESS retreat at St.George's Caye? Join "Wholistic" Health and Wellness Practitioner, Marni Henderson, for a unique wellness experience at St. George's Caye Resort! She passionately guides others to gain a better understanding of how to rebuild their overall health and well-being from th...

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Mimosa Margarita Mixology - Belize Island Style

These days, summer is at its peak and so it is ever more important to treat yourself to a crisp, tropical concoction! Check out this colorful and tart treat and bring a taste of the tropics right into your kitchen with this simple and sweet recipe. Scroll for more! Mimosa Margarita 1.5oz Tequila 1oz triple sec 3oz orange juice... Shake yo...

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Frontier Airlines Announces Nonstop Flights to Belize

DENVER – July 27, 2021 – Low-fare carrier Frontier Airlines (NASDAQ: ULCC) today announces 20 new nonstop routes, including 17 new Orlando routes and an expansion into four popular international vacation destinations: Antigua & Barbuda, Belize City, Liberia, Costa Rica and Turks & Caicos. Plus, the airline is adding its 7th airport in New Y...

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The Best of Belize - Travel Pulse Description

Travel Pulse is one of the main authorities on international travel. This article features so many of the wonders of our country and the reasons why our quaint destination offers so much in the way of lifelong memories from experiences you simply cannot get anywhere else.  "Deep in the forest of Belize ancient ruins of the Mayas. Tho...

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"Grand Slam" Game Fishing in Belize

Belize has world-class game fishing that is, in some cases only recently being discovered by anglers. This is a benefit, because the area is not over-fished, and still serves as a pristine opportunity to wrestle with some of the largest game fish in the world.   Located in Northern Central America, this English-speaking country is ho...

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Rest - Restore - Recharge - February 19-25, 2022

St. George's is excited to bring you our first hosted retreat courtesy of Horizons Retreats and Marni Henderson & Kelli Sol. Get registered for this incredible week of rest, restoring, and recharging.  When: February 19-25, 2022 Where: Just 7 miles from the coast of Belize in Central America is St. George's Caye Resort. This secluded priva...

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